Realidad aumentada

Por Eladio Jiménez

Ya habíamos realizado una entrada en relación a las posibilidades de utilizar herramientas de realidad aumentada para mejorar nuestras clases. A continuación les presentamos una entrada producida por una estudiante de 7mo. grado sobre el uso de Aurasma en una de sus clases. La entrada está en idioma inglés pero bastaría con hacer copia y pegar el texto en google traductor para obtener la versión en español.
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Augmented Reality
Technology, and how it is used, is one of parent’s main concern when it comes to their children. and while the world wide web is home to many different dangers, the benefits we can achieve from it are endless. As of today
there are thousands of new up-and-coming applications that we can use to make presentations easier, and one of these applications is Aurasma. 
Aurasma is an augmented reality reality app that, at first, may seem hard to understand, but has a really simple concept. The process to create an Aurasma is the the following. First, we find an image to connect to a video. Then we create the video and through a series of steps we intertwine the two to create an augmented reality that anyone with the Aurasma app can visualize.
What my seventh grade class did was choose a scientific topic and, after researching and analyzing it, we created a poster displaying our conclusions on the topic and what we investigated. Then we made a three minute video ( the app limits the video size that you can use) and connected it to the poster. This allowed anyone that followed our Aurasma channel to be able to see the video come up when they focused the app’s camera on the poster.
This is not only an easy way to make a presentation, but it also saved the class from the nervousness of presenting in front of a live audience. And now that you know how to use the app, you can use it on any subject or at work and make your life a little bit easier.


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